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the faces of ephemera

karen brady



At ephemera, everyone does everything, but without karen the internet would never work, things wouldn't be cut straight, passwords wouldn't be remembered, and music wouldn't be played.



arin wiebers



Without arin, products would never be on the shelves - customers would have to riffle through boxes in the back, ephemera wouldn't be named, and our snack cabinet would be empty.



mindy carlson



Without mindy, ephemera would never be open on time, nothing would be priced, our accounting would be seriously lacking,

and we'd be short one label maker and one water cooler.



sara perez



Without sara, ephemera would never have a window display, our social media would never be updated, and, worst of all, ephemera wouldn't be able to offer beautiful hand lettering services.



What we believe.


Paper is important.


It exists to be touched, written on, read, shared, folded up into a tiny square that hides in a pocket or a purse or under a pillow to be found when a pick-me-up is needed. It exists to be remembered.


It's not the actual paper that's important, but the connection. It's different than a phone call.

Than an email.


There is nothing happier than receiving a sweet letter in the mail. The anticipation! The idea that someone thought about you with enough time and fondness to do all the paper-finding, and thinking, and stamping and sealing and sending. You have to care to write a letter. And often the affliction of modern life is the distance we feel. Letters squish the distance into touching the same paper & reading the same words. Letters can be kept and re-read and folded into bundles and bound with ribbons. Love letters - kept and read by grandchildren. Little windows. Little sentiments. Little time capsules of a moment, ephemeral and permanent all at once.


So, of course, of course, you should write a letter and send it.


We believe you should send something worth keeping.






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